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Madmie Interior

Room designed for the new short film "Tomato 2.0".

Room designed for the short film "The Criminal".

I’ve always been passionate about interior design since I was four feet tall. I love the smell of the fresh paint, I love the noise coming from the construction site. For me, entering an interior design studio, that feeling is like how Quran soothes you, it’s more like a therapy. I do enjoy photography & film-making, but the verve and the ardour never rival my enthusiasm towards interior design. 

These are the pictures of bedrooms in the hostel that we live in. Green was picked as theme since it was Rasulullah’s (peace be upon him) favourite. 

I’m looking forward to work with someone who’s an expert at drawing, because I don’t really draw. Hehe.

Nothing personal, it’s just business. - Madmie Interior.

#nafi’un li ghairihi


  1. oh so the rooms were actually designed for the short films..? cool.
    Tomato 2.0 :3 xsabo :D

  2. woaa.... sumpah, style yang sangat osem! haa. sakit jantung kjap bila lelaki boleh design bilik mcm ni.
    kan best kalau abg kandung sndiri blh hiaskn blk mcm ni. wahaha~

  3. Syaza: saja suka2 hias bilik kawan sebenarnya, hehe. nantikan Tomato 2.0 x lama lg. ^^

    Safinah: nanti dah ada rumah sndiri panggil sy hias. hehehe.

  4. Salam.

    Are you doing business full time? If I'm interested to call for a design, how do i contact you?

    My bro can draw. He's doing freelance in interior design as well, not sure what is it called, but like drawing using a computer. and I'm pretty sure he is an expert :)

    I think my bro will be interested knowing a person like you.. since.. he is know, kinda an ikhwah.

    i should be informing him first that I'm telling you about him. Just in case if you are really interested, please drop me anything (that is contactable) at my email Then i'll tell my bro and forward his number to you.

    Jzkk, wassalam.

  5. Waalaikumussalam.

    Subhanallah! How can I express my gratitude.
    I've just sent you a an email just now. Can't wait to hear from you soon.^^

  6. wow ... sgtt lawaaa ..~ seriuss kee wujud bilik tuu ?? cm xcaye ...huhu ...pape pon all the bezz utk short film seterusnyeee ... terbaekk laa team korg ni ^^